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TV License - Temporary Exemptions?

An actual letter sent to the beloved TV License department in Britain


Dears Sirs,

Please let me explain the situation. I have been living in a shared
house with a television owned by another tenant. This tenant has
recently moved out, taking the television with him. Accordingly, when
you contacted me to renew my license I declined your offer.

However, I have since obtained another, older, television set which I am
not sure will function adequately. Since I do not have a license, I am
unable at home to determine whether the appliance will tune correctly,
without violating the Communications Act 2003, as I understand it.

This situation leads to the following two questions:

1.  If I decide to leave the television set unused (it has been
unplugged, and the aerial has been separated from the appliance), do I
need to inform the relevant authorities, or perhaps apply for a license
NOT to watch television broadcasts - I hope this would be cheaper?

2.  Is there any way to obtain a temporary exemption from the Act, say
for 30 minutes, solely to determine the operational state of the
television set? I am sure you understand that I do not wish to commit
over one hundred pounds before I have this information. I would try to
ensure no enjoyment will be made of broadcasts received during this
period. Perhaps if you could broadcast a 'test card' page for a time in
the middle of the night, this would be sufficient.

I await your kind response. Please note that I do not intend to use
games consoles or video equipment with this television set - a category
which is adequately covered on your excellent website.

Yours faithfully,
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