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Actual Hate-mail sent to a T-shirt site. (NSFW)


From: Ryanne

You know the world could live with out a t shirt with a bird finger on it. But what is really sick is your company's blasphamy of Jesus Christ. How dispicable! I guess your company and the people who are employed by Prick do not care if they are going to hell and how many people they take with them. God is real whether or not you believe in Him or not. Stop running from the truth. You can tell me to go F myself if you would like. It does not hurt my feelings. I just hope I am standing next to every one of you in heaven when you tell God to go F Himself. He rewards those for their good works and lets the demons drag those who betray Him off to Hell. No retorical comment you could ever make can even compare to the pain you all will face if you don't change your life.

PW: Yes the world COULD live without that t-shirt, but do you really think it wants to? Right now we have little Honduran kids working 18 hours a day to make a t-shirt big enough for the whole Earth to wear--scientists assure us it will also be useful in covering that big hole in the ozone. Maybe Jesus will even be able to see it from Heaven! Anyway, I would never tell you to F yourself, it'd be terrible to only be with yourself for your first time. When we do meet in line at Heaven you will recognize me by the shirt I wear. And you can see me challenge God to an arm wrestling match before he has those demons drag me off to Hell. What an all-forgiving and loving God you worship! By the way, you confused words: It's GRAVITY that is real whether you believe in it or not, not God silly!


From: Inertiable

Initially I got on your site and was pretty well amused, then I read your "Fuck You Monthly" section. I find it pretty hypocritical to have a site set up making fun of corporations, politions, and religion for making people conform. Though if anyone doesn't agree with you as far as religion goes you label them as misguided idiots. Hell where are your shirts insulting hindus' and buddhist, they believe in a better place and in being guided by higher beings as well. Just because other people choose to live their lives believing in something higher then themselves doesn't mean they want to break down your door and force it down your throat. Try not being so ignorant in your beliefs expand your mind to include other cultures in it.

PW: I have a hard time believing that you made it through our site being amused only to become offended by our comments in the Fuck You Monthly section. Were you just looking at the pretty colors on our site and not reading what any of our shirts said? Don't be a retard, people that don't agree with us aren't labeled as misguided idiots except when they write in and make an intellectual fool of themselves. Even if I could completely disregard your run-on sentences and poor grammar I don't think I would ever consider you intelligent enough to know what the word proselytize means, let alone have any type of meaningful conversation about why BECAUSE OF THIS WORD Christians are just so darn easy to poke fun at. Next time I come across an article that quotes leaders of Buddhist communities claiming that a natural disaster is directly linked to the number of abortions that country sees each year (Thank you Pat Robertson), I will gladly make you a t-shirt that says "Buddhists Are Stupid Too". Until then stop calling me ignorant, you ignant shit.


From: A Little Dirty

i think its pretty lame of you to discurage god and all.. what has he done to you? he gave you life. he gave you the chance to make something of your self, and all you do is make money off of people that hate him too.. one day my friend, your going to get yours, whether it be you children or what ever, he will stricke you, and you will put out a clothing line for Christians... THEN and ONLY then will me and my jewish church buy your clothing... but untill then, i wish you the best of luck, and i will see you in the after life my love.. toodles :)

PW: You're pretty funny. I'm pretty sure in this hypothetical world you so deftly painted for us Jesus would never ever let us sell our Christian products to your dirty, Jesus killing church.

I love really bad hatemail. I love the way it undermines the subject's point the more angry it becomes. Notice how those prone to irrationality and anger tend to be of the religious ilk - coincidence? Ask the 'guy on a stick' who died because of them - the view from the cross will have been filled with people like those writing above.

Chill out.

Get a T shirt.

How about his one?

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