bethemedia (bethemedia) wrote,

We will always remember

The day they took our hair products away.

When we are no longer allowed to carry anything on a flight anywhere, like cattle are not allowed to take grass on the cattle train - and one day we will find this above article in some small dark archive somewhere, and wonder why we didn't see it coming.

Yes - a failed plot takes away the same liberties as a successful one. We no longer carry anything on. The only difference? Since there was no ultimate deaths from the attempt, the infractions on our freedoms affect that many more in the short term. We're all dead in the long term.

Not a good day for any of us, either way.

Thanks AGAIN, extremists. Now your children will be even more angry and will try and blow everyone up in the name of the freedoms you helped us lose.

It's like generational Chinese Whispers passing on an insult that gets worse from ear to ear. We just don't realise that it's our leaders, preachers and  teachers that are passing that insult to us.

Have a good evening.
Tags: bombs, freedom, heathrow, terrorist
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