bethemedia (bethemedia) wrote,

The Leftie Lexicon - One correct definition

Quite a bit of abuse is (rightly) being thrown at this guy at the moment for a set of definitions writtenm by him, which include daft ones like this:

Islamophobic - anyone who objects to having their transport blown up on the way to work.

Haha good one. Oh wait. Awful.

However, this one is true:

Diversity - creating a workforce based on how people look rather than on their skills or aptitude

See my comments on Stonewall from June.

Proportional representation does not mean equal amounts of race - it means equal abilities of each race to apply to and be considered for any position. Who actually gets it will only depend on abilities. How is this even a debatable point?

Shame it's appearing under a radical conservative blog. It's actually one of the most liberal sentiments I can think of.
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